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Jeroen Korterik, jan 2014/oct 2015


This is a collection of semi random tech info pages. Most of it is/will be about guitar/ audio technology and a bit about physics & electronics.The site is still under construction, more info will follow


Triode calculator

triode circuit and plot

An online calculator for the common cathode amplifier, the basic voltage amplifier using the triode electron tube. Demonstrates matrix inversion of complex numbers in javascript and linlog / loglog plots using the html5 canvas.

Sallen Key Lowpass filter transfer function plotter

triode circuit and plot

Calculates a 2nd order lowpass and plots the transfer function using javascript and the HTML5 canvas.

Soft clipping overdrive using a Spin Semiconductor DSP

triode circuit and plot

The challenge here was to create a 'organic' and 'warm' overdrive guitar sound using a Digital Signal Processor. This page explains how it's done and you can listen to the result.

Ultimate simple measurement of the DC bias of electron tube amplifiers

triode circuit and plottriode circuit and plot

There are several ways to adjust the DC bias current of electron tube amplifiers and just as many opinions about how to do it right. On this page, a totally different method is explained. It's simple and easy!

Sound comparison of EL34, EL34L and KT77

triode circuit and plot

A youtube demo to systematically compare these JJ manufactured pentodes / beam power tetrode.

More info pages will follow...


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