Demo of a 2D galvo mirror laser projection system that features real time interaction.
The famous Pong game is projected on the wall using a galvo mirror scanner that is controlled by an Arduino Due. The joysticks for user input are replaced by contactless distance sensors that are based on optical time of flight.
For the sake of simplicity / to avoid timing issues, the distance sensors run on their own Arduino Uno and the sound generation is done using another Arduino Due.
The laser is projected on the wall as a single point, the illusion of an image is created by moving the point fast enough. However you can see artefacts of this when trying to capture this movie with a camera. When observed directly by eye, the image is much more stable although some flickering due to the limited framerate of approx. 10FPS is apparent. The dominant limitation for FPS is the speed of the galvo mirror system. Precompensation of dynamic following errors was required, this is programmed into the Arduino code.
This setup was initially built to entertain students during the introduction weeks at the University of Twente.

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